Baroness Release Some Beautiful Limited Wax

Try to Disappear and Morningstar picture discs

Baroness are releasing the final two picture discs in their four-part Purple picture disc series, with Try To Disappear and Morningstar arriving Dec. 12 via the band’s webstore and at independent record stores for Vinyl Tuesday.

The limited edition releases, which are available for pre-order via the band’s webstore as of today at 2 p.m. eastern, each feature a quadrant of the John Baizley created cover art for the band’s album, Purple, as well as unreleased B-sides. Try To Disappear features a live version of the song from the band’s 2016 performance at Los Angeles’ Fonda Theatre while Morningstar features a demo version of the track.

The first two picture discs (Chlorine and Wine and Shock Me) have been sold out since their release but a limited number of complete bundles, featuring all four releases, will be made available exclusively via the Baroness webstore.

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Baizley, who Stereogum said creates “the most unique, intriguing, stylish” album covers, has crafted the art for all four of Baroness’ albums as well as the outfit’s EPs. A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the Purple album cover, as well as an interview with Baizley about the influences and method behind the artwork can be viewed here. While Baizley tackled the Purple cover, the discs themselves feature illustrations by renowned artist Marald Van Haasteren. For more information, and an online gallery of Baizley’s artwork, visit

The band, who are currently writing music for their fifth album, recently announced an April 29 performance at the eighth annual Welcome to Rockville festival in Jacksonville, Fla.


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