Song of the Day: Joni Mitchell – “Raised On Robbery”

Happy birthday wishes to Joni Mitchell, who turns 74 years old today. Mitchell has had her health battles in recent years, most notably a brain aneurysm in 2015, but thankfully she’s still with us. We featured a song about outlaws yesterday, so hey, why not go with one along those same lines today, at least title-wise. This song, which is one of Mitchell’s more harder-rocking tunes, is from the point of view of an escort who is just saying what she needs to in order to get men to pay up: “I’m a pretty good cook/I’m sitting on my groceries/Come up to my kitchen/I’ll show you my best recipe/I try and I try but I can’t save a cent/I’m up after midnight cooking/Trying to make my rent/I’m rough but I’m pleasin’/I was raised on robbery.”

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