Watch Alice Cooper And Foo Fighters Give Wild, High-Camp Halloween TV Performance

Dave Grohl guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween show on Tuesday night, and it was one of the most bizarre hours on TV that you will ever see. Grohl was dressed up as current-day David Letterman, complete with tooth gap and big white beard, and the costume was so well done that it was freaky and a bit disorienting hearing Grohl’s voice coming out of it.

The Foo Fighters’ front man was surprisingly good as the host of the program since it’s got to be a very difficult and stressful thing for any rookie to run a late night TV talk show. But he handled it with his trademark, regular-guy ease, almost as if the Letterman costume came with its own talk show skills. A segment with Kirsten Bell dressed up as Magnum P.I. was very funny, and ended up with the two of them performing a mash-up of “Do You Want To Build a Snowman” from the film Frozen and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”, featuring Grohl-as-Letterman on drums.

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But the real highlight of the show was an interview and performance with Alice Cooper. Of course, every day is Halloween for the 69-year-old Cooper, and on this occasion he dialed up the camp knob to 11, giving the performance an almost nostalgic feel for a time when people actually took this stuff seriously.

He was there ostensibly to promote his new album Paranormal, but the performance was a medley of two of his early 70s classics, “Ballad Of Dwight Fry” and “Killer”. Cooper delivered his well-honed schtick with aplomb, straight-jacketed and mugging for camera close-ups. But he can still bring the vocals convincingly, and backed by the Foos I was surprised at how great it sounded.

I still can’t get over how freakish it was seeing Grohl-as-Letterman churning on the guitar, and it made the punchline of the performance – Cooper going into the guillotine and coming out with a very lifelike Dave Grohl severed head – that much sweeter. As Letterman himself used to say, that’s the way it’s done, folks.


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