Great New Single From They Might Be Giants

It’s pretty remarkable for any band to stay together and make records for 35 uninterrupted years, but it’s even more impressive when that band is as quirky and unconventional as They Might Be Giants. The band’s founders John Flansburgh and John Linnell somehow found a lasting niche for their brand of ironic, nerdy, avant-pop – more versatile than Weezer, less anarchic than Ween – and I say more power to ‘em.

TMBG experienced their biggest success with the 1990 platinum album Flood, which yielded perhaps their best-known song “Birdhouse In Your Soul”. Up against the grungists, the power poppers and the Sixties revivalists, their star waned in the Nineties, but They Might Be Giants have one of the more dedicated fan bases in all of Rock, who stuck with the band through the thick and thin of album soundtracks, childrens’ albums, and more crazy-ass music in the 21st century.

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Way back when they were getting started, TMBG began a Dial-A-Song service, where they would play a new song for their fans when you phoned a telephone number. It was a big success, and became a reason why fans stayed so connected to the band. Pretty innovative stuff for the Eighties, and it certainly anticipated the Internet Age model of fan interaction.

Well they recently revived their Dial-A-Song service, and its online equivalent, and along with that have announced a new album to be called I Like Fun, which will drop early in 2018. From it they have released the album’s first single “I Left My Body”, and I like it a lot. It’s pretty conventional stuff in the context of their wild flights of fancy, so maybe they’ve got an eye for newfound pop success. Or maybe they’re just doing what they do.

It’s a well-crafted pop song with a nice middle eight and typically, it’s a pretty funny lyric about astral projection:

I left my body
And I went on a journey
And I forgot where
I left my body
They’re going to tow you
If they think you’re abandoned
You got to act like you’re not abandoned
I left a notebook with all of my good ideas
Keywords encoded cryptographically

Very promising stuff. Wouldn’t it be amazing if these guys got discovered by a new generation of ironic nerdy music fans?


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