Black Friday Record Store Day List Has Dropped

It has finally happened — the list of releases has dropped for this years Black Friday Record Store Day. While it usually pales in comparison to its original April date, this year does have pieces of note. That includes:

  • A release of Chuck Berry’s London Sessions which include an album of studio recordings and live recordings by Chuck Berry, released by Cess Records in October 1972.
  • Janis Joplin’s Greatest Hits pressed on tie-dye inspired vinyl
  • Muddy Waters’ The Best of Muddy Waters which is an exact reproduction of the original 1958 album from the original Chess Records mono reels!!! Finally with the correct mastering and legally licensed! On limited edition colored vinyl.
  • Willie Nelson is releasing 1996’s Spirit and 1973’s Yesterdays Wine
  • The United States of America is getting a release of their self-titled album of the unfathomably rare MONO edition of legendary, touchstone Columbia Records 1968 psych masterpiece!

As you can see the vinyl holiday does take place on Black Friday which is November 24th. You can see the full list of releases on Record Store Day’s website here. Happy hunting everyone.

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