Robert Plant on Led Zeppelin: ‘You can’t ever really go back’

Led Zeppelin reunion rumors are something that never really seem to die, but the band’s former frontman Robert Plant seems as determined as ever to put the band in the rear-view mirror.

Plant talked about the band in a recent interview with The Telegraph and made it clear he’s interested in doing what comes next rather than turning back the clock.

“You can’t ever really go back,” Plant said. “It’s tough enough repeating yourself with something that’s a year old, never mind 49 years old. I’ve got to keep moving.”

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Plant also told The Telegraph he’s not interested in getting in a situation where he’s in a band that can’t give up touring.

“That look of abject boredom… I can’t imagine anything worse,” Plant said.

That said, Plant has no desire whatsoever to stop rocking anytime soon. He told The Telegraph he still loves performing and is even improving as a musician.

“I think I’m getting better,” Plant said. “My ability to mold my frame of mind to the temperature, tempo and temperament of the music, it’s getting closer.”

Plant’s latest solo album, Carry Fire, was released on October 13 to positive reviews.

Photo: By Joshrhinehart (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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