Song of the Day: The Moody Blues – “Tuesday Afternoon”

The other day we asked you which of this year’s Rock Hall nominees you wanted to see get inducted. The most popular answer? The Moody Blues. So with that, let’s enjoy some Moody Blues today. There’s a lot going on over the eight-plus minutes of this song, and you’ll have to listen to it all the way through to take it all in. The song was released as a single in 1968 and reached No. 24 on the Billboard Hot 100, although the single edit is kind of feeble — a 2-plus minute version of the song that just includes the first portion and calls it a day. Listen to the full version and you’ll understand how lacking that is.

In spite of the depth of this song, its origins were about as simple as you could imagine — Moody Blues frontman Justin Hayward sitting in a field with his dog on a Tuesday smoking a joint. “It just so happened we were sitting in the field together, that’s all,” Hayward told SongFacts. “But it was a Tuesday afternoon and I did smoke a joint and it was down there where I come from in the West Country and this song just came out.”

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