Watch Paul Weller Kick Out The Jams On Colbert

I was really knocked out by this performance the other night, Paul Weller is a true Rock & Roll hero in my book and he proves it again here, kicking some ass and taking names on The Late Show. Forty years ago when most other Punk bands were drawing inspiration from the MC5 and the Velvet Underground, Weller’s band The Jam drew a lot of its inspiration from Motown and Soul music, and Weller has pretty much been going back to the same well ever since.

But the great thing about it is that he rarely repeats himself, because he has come at the Soul/R&B/Rock confluence from so many different and creative angles. After The Jam split, Weller’s Style Council brought jazz stylings into the mix to great commercial success, and over the past 25 years Weller has dabbled with electronica, African beats, modern R&B and of course Punk as he pursued variations on his chosen musical theme. Not only does the guy have impeccable musical sensibilities, but he’s also got the courage and curiosity to keep trying new things.

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The song Weller and his band perform on this clip is called “Woo Se Mama” and it’s the opening track from his album A Kind Revolution which came out in May. It’s a very good album with a little bit of everything on it, the best kind of album to have, really. Weller’s voice seems to have gotten more powerful as he gets older, and I love the way he plays piano and guitar at the same time. It’s a very catchy song with a Rock verse, an R&B chorus, a nice hook and some really fine playing, especially the lead guitarist who squeezes out some fabulous tones along the way. This is an impressive piece of work from a great artist who’s going as strong as ever 40 years down the road.


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