Song Of The Day: Weezer – “El Scorcho”

Pour one out because Weezer’s Pinkerton is old enough to drink. Having been released on September 24, 1996 on DGC Records. Pinkerton as an album seemed to split the fan base a bit with its’ darker, more abrasive sounds. However, as it stuck around it seemed to have a real grower quality which solidified it as cult classic that went to gather critical acclaim years later. Weezer’s debut, The Blue Album and Pinkerton are now looked to as some of the finest guitar albums of the 90’s.

I’m going to make a bold claim saying that “El Scorcho” is an underrated Weezer song and easily one of their top 5 works- one of my personal favorites anyway. Off kilter guitar twang partnered with energized, rock n roll freakout. You cannot get a better combination then that. Oh, and of course the lyric are always fun to sing. So, lets remember Pinkerton on its’ 21st birthday.

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