Song of the Day: “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” – Meat Loaf

Love him or hate him, the archetype for Meat Loaf didn’t really exist before he crashed onto the scene (possibly through a flimsy wall of some kind) in the 70s. Come to think of it, the archetype doesn’t really exist in this post-Meat Loaf world that we now live in, either. Marvin Lee Aday was born 70 years ago this week, and the world just hasn’t been the same since he graced it with his sweaty, earnest charm. Meat Loaf is one of those artists that doesn’t even go through the motions of trying to be cool. That ship sailed for him long ago, but the teenage anthems Meat Loaf made popular didn’t need the pretense of cool to be instant classics. Songs like “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” perfectly capture the awkward fumbling of young love and their poignancy is only enhanced by Meat Loaf’s all-in, irony-free delivery. “Paradise” is a personal favorite for me because I’m a sucker for an extended baseball metaphor. Let’s all wish Meat Loaf a happy 70th and breathe a collective sigh of relief that he didn’t pursue a career as a football player (or some other stereotypical “big guy” profession.

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    By: Jordan Posner

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