Video Premiere: Hendrix Heavy Acid Jams Find Jefferson Airplane In Cricketbows “Jupiter”

Cricketbows (photo: Kyle Sweney)

This isn’t the first time that I’ve encountered Cricketbows-and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I was able to review 2015’s psychedelic excursion Diamonds and I also featured the playful and melodic track “Games People Play” back in July. It now gives me the greatest pleasure to premiere the video for “Jupiter” off Cricketbows new EP Communion, which released September 8th via Mosquito Hawk Records.

Along with the EP, Cricketbows also released a full-length film entitled Where The Ocean Meets The Sky.

Frontman Chad Wells had this to say about the track: “This song is probably the most overtly psychedelic and definitely the heaviest song on the EP. It’s also the only song to feature our former drummer Jim Ingram on drums. The music for this is partly from a jam session with the whole band as well as pieces of music written by myself and bassist Chris Corn that goes back to the early to mid 1990’s punk and grunge bands we were both involved with in the Dayton scene. Aarika keeps a journal with bits of lyrics, phrases, spells and information and she pulled the line ‘It’s raining diamonds on Jupiter’ out of that book and then the rest of the words kind of just flowed out of both of us. It’s stream of consciousness 90’s guitar psych through our Cricketbows filter.”

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You can find Communion along with their other works here.


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