Third Man Turns Its’ Sights To Chess Records

Having reissued music from Sun Records and Tamla Records, we now see Third Man turn their sights to Chicago blues staple, Chess Records. According to Pitchfork, in a partnership with Universal Music Group, Third Man will kick off the reissue project starting with Muddy Waters.

The first part of the new initiative features the release of three 7-inch vinyl singles. “Rollin Stone” b/w “Walkin’ Blues,” “She’s All Right” b/w “Sad, Sad Day,” and “Mannish Boy” b/w “Young Fashioned Ways” are all available now.

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What has me really excited is the follow up reissue. Third Man is going to do a repress of Waters’ 1968 album Electric Mud. Expect more information on that as it come available.

Photo: By Muddy_Waters_(blues_musician).jpg: Greg Goode Ft. Lauderdale, FL derivative work: F.G. (Muddy_Waters_(blues_musician).jpg) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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