Song of the Day: Aerosmith – “Hangman Jury”

Happy birthday wishes go out to Joe Perry of Aerosmith, who turns 67 today. This track, released 30 years ago in August, is a bit of a lost Aerosmith classic. Off the Permanent Vacation album, this song is based off an old Leadbelly song called “Linin’ Track”. It’s a bit of a dark song about a man who got the death penalty after getting drunk and accidentally killed his wife, although he wasn’t too upset about it (I swear I didn’t know that ’45 was loaded/In fact my memory ain’t too clear/That’s not to say she didn’t get what she deserved/Least that’s the way it looked from here). It’s certainly got a kick to it — the same beat the band used on “Rag Doll” more or less. The track peaked at No. 14 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

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