Song of the Day: Faith No More – “Land of Sunshine”

This is the opening track off Faith No More’s album Angel Dust, which celebrated a 25th birthday in June. The album is a wild ride, one that has become more revered with time (it currently ranks No. 1 among 1992 albums on the fan vote-driven site Sputnik Music), and “Land of Sunshine” kicks it off appropriately. It’s a really cool song sonically, but where it gets unusual is lyrically. This song and the song “Caffeine” (the second track, and my favorite from the album) were written by frontman Mike Patton during a bout of sleep deprivation, and some of the lyrics from this song were taken from fortune cookies while others were taken from an L. Ron Hubbard personality test given by the Church of Scientology. It all winds up working quite well.

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