Listen to Neil Young’s lost acoustic album “Hitchhiker” early

Neil Young’s 1976 acoustic album Hitchhiker won’t be available for purchase until September 8, but it’s available now for early listen via NPR.

The album is sure to satisfy Young’s fans as the material is quality from start to finish. Highlights include the title track, “Pocohontas,” “Powderfinger,” and one of two previously unreleased tracks on the album, “Give Me Strength”.

For the eight songs on the album that went on to be released in other iterations, the album serves as a powerful document of their origins.

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NPR’s Tom Moon wrote of the album’s creation in 1976: “The Canadian singer and songwriter had material he’d been developing, including three songs that became part of his landmark Rust Never Sleeps with Crazy Horse – ‘Pocahontas,’ ‘Powderfinger’ and ‘Ride My Llama.’ He showed up with acoustic guitar and harmonica (moving to piano for the final track, ‘The Old Country Waltz’), and after a shaky-voiced check-in with the control room – the first utterance is Young on the talkback microphone, asking longtime collaborator David Briggs “You ready, Briggs?” – he put down stark, blueprint-like solo renditions of songs that he’d develop into fervent anthems on later albums. There’s no affectation, no studio agony – just the songs, served straight up.”

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