Song Of The Day: Interpol – “PDA”

It’s time to celebrate the anniversary of another fantastic album. Interpol’s debut Turn On The Bright Lights turned 15 on the 20th of August. Turn On The Bright Lights, in 2002, was an album that felt foreign to rock music at the time and helped paved the way for acts such as Arcade Fire, The Killers, and my personal favorite The National. Interpol is a band that take the indelible sounds of Joy Division and adds their grandiose, sweeping version of New York over the top of it. “PDA” itself is indeed the single for the record but it’s also so much more. It’s a catchy driving rocker that not only hits hard with a punk ascetic, it also seems to twinkle and shine. This was a sound that indie rock hadn’t necessarily been accustom to. It’s that that makes Turn On The Bright Lights an important record.

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