In A Nutshell Review: Jen Gloeckner – Vine

3.5 OUT OF 5 NUTS!

Who: Jen Gloeckner has been making music since January of 2004 but has come a long way in doing so. Her ambient dream pop hypnosis puts her in a league of artists that includes Portishead, Grouper, Lisa Papineau, Bjork, and Cocteau Twins to name a few.

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Sound: To dive into specifics, Gloeckner drives a sound that can either attack with an abrasive ascetic or float atmospheric ideas with an electronic edge. Vine has many elements to appreciate here.

Final Take: If it wasn’t explained in the credits page of the album that Jen Gloeckner’s Vine was recorded in a bedroom then I’d have a hard time believing it. Vine shows its strengths in its movements and feelings. The title track is a dark tumble down a moody rabbit hole. “Breathe” takes a split between atmospheric video game trance and Yorke-style electronic. “The Last Thought,” with its lean on strings and keys, happens to be one of my favorite tracks on the album. Tracks like “Prayers” and “Colors” take the album in a more progressive direction with thoughtful sway.

With songs featuring John Ashton (Psychedelic Furs), Henry Padovani (original guitarist and founding member of The Police), and Angela Mattson (In The Valley Below), Jen Gloeckner’s Vine has a lot to offer. While it might not appeal at all moments due to a lack of flow, Gloeckner’s daydream still showcases a talent that doesn’t come out of most artists bedrooms.

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