PUP’s new video concept is too amazing

Canadian punk rockers PUP have struck music video gold with gaming-themed concepts in the past, but what they did in their new video for “Old Wounds” takes it to an entirely different level.

The story begins backstage after a concert, at which time viewer assumes the role of the tour manager who has to choose what the band does after the show. From there, then the viewer can choose which path they want the story to take by clicking on a member of the band:

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After making a choice, a new window will open up with a video solely dedicated to the storyline the viewer selected while the song kicks in. Along the way, viewers will be given another choice — and depending on which path is chosen, it could result in game over:

But don’t worry — you can always start over again:

Bravo to PUP for executing this idea in such enjoyable fashion. Regardless of what videos come out the rest of this year, it’ll be hard to top this as my favorite.

Start your own adventure below:

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