Rally on Rally: Who’s Side Do You Stand On? Trumps Or The Juggalo?

Way back in January it seems the Juggalos had enough. They announced a rally which is set to protest the FBI’s classification of them as gang. For this, Insane Clown Posse has been trying to take this case to court but it keeps getting thrown out.

The Juggalo March on Washington is officially scheduled to take place Saturday, September 16, 2017, aiming to “bring national attention to the ongoing discrimination and profiling that Juggalos.” But with that another rally is taking place.

“The Mother of All Rallies” is coming to Washington, D.C. on the exact same day, September 16th. This pro-Trump rally, labelling itself the “The Woodstock of American Rallies.” According to Metal Injection, The Rally “will see” participants demand protection for traditional American culture while they express their love for the United States and the America First agenda.” At least 7,000 are “interested” according to the Facebook invite page, although some other Trump rallies haven’t exactly gotten huge support.

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Now I’m not voicing my support for either group. What I really hope for is civil interaction between both groups. Besides, there’s no cause for concern right? …..Right? What are your thoughts?


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