Neil Finn To Record Studio Album Live Online, Releases Exquisite New Single

Neil Finn is one of Rock’s more underrated singer-songwriters, going back almost 40 years to the punky New Wave of Split Enz through all the spectacular moments of Crowded House and then the under-the-radar solo stuff. His impressive body of work is distinguished by a gift for complex and memorable melodies perfectly suited for the refined warmth and humanity of his lyrics.

In recent years Finn has experimented with various collaborations and settings perhaps even more than he has with his actual songwriting. He has recorded and performed with a variety of other musicians, including members of Radiohead and Wilco, and has made an album of homespun empty-nester recordings with his wife Sharon. He seems preoccupied with the process of songmaking, and his upcoming album Out Of Silence takes that preoccupation to some pretty extreme lengths.

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As he describes on his Facebook page, Finn is promising to livestream the actual recording of the album in one three-hour session on August 25th. To anyone who’s ever witnessed a recording session this sounds hopelessly ambitious, even if it does allow for some quick post-recording tweaks before the finished product is released on September 1st. But Finn has already livestreamed the recording of the new single “More Than One Of You”, and is planning to do the same with more rehearsal sessions before the 25th, and so far these videos show remarkably cohesive and organized recording sessions, so you never know.

“More Than One Of You” is an exceptionally beautiful song featuring just Finn on piano with a small string section and a small choir, all comfortably scootched together in his homey little studio. When it comes to a ballad like this you’re always looking for something fresh and original, and Finn obliges with a couple of really great melodic twists and chord changes, and “There is more than one of you / And only one of them is true” is a catchy little chorus too. It’s a fine piece of work.

It’ll be interesting to see if the recording session for the album on the 25th goes as well as it apparently did for this single. If the rest of the material is this strong he will really have something special going on. But either way, livestreaming the actual studio recording of your album is a pretty ballsy thing to do, and Finn is deserving of big props just for putting his neck on the line with it.

Photo: By Mike Walen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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