Excited About Dhani Harrison’s Debut Solo Album Coming This Fall

Dhani Harrison never intended to follow his Beatle father into the music business, which was probably a wise decision at the time. The younger Harrison got a degree in industrial design and physics from Brown University, and worked as a car designer at McLaren Automotive. But when he collaborated with Jeff Lynne to complete his late father’s unfinished final album Brainwashed, something clicked inside him and he decided to get into the family business after all.

He knew the road would be difficult because he would never be able to escape comparisons with his father, which was why he rejected music as a career in the first place. It wasn’t fair, but that’s the way the world works. As he told The Telegraph in 2012:

If you are a family butcher, serving customers since 1870, no one goes, ‘Oh, I’m not sure if their steak is as good as their dad’s’. In almost any profession, even if you’re the kid of an actor, people are very supportive and want to see the next generation. It’s like, ‘Go Michael Douglas! Have a great career!’ But in music, for some reason, people tend to be very sceptical. It’s funny, because music is one of those things it is natural to go into. You hear it so much growing up, it kind of permeates you and eventually you spew out some music of your own.

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In recent years Harrison has created some really great music that was unsurprisingly ignored and under-appreciated, notably with the band thenewno2, which included Paul Hicks, song of Hollies’ guitarist Tony Hicks. Sometimes it helps when kids of Rockers stick together. Harrison shares his father’s vocal qualities to an almost eerie extent, and admits he learned everything he knows about the guitar from his dad. But his music tends to be a little harder-edged, more electronic-based and more experimental than the old man’s.

And now this week there is news that Dhani Harrison will be finally venturing out on his own and releasing his first solo album in October, an album that will carry another punctuationally-perverse title, IN///PARALLEL. The first single called “All About Waiting” has been released, and it is really growing on me. It starts off reminiscent of the Gorillaz, but then the chorus kicks in and it’s got traces of Phil Spector’s wall of sound production on his father’s debut solo album. I love the Jeff Lynne-esque layered vocals and the honest philosophizing: “Even though you’re present in the moment, doesn’t mean that you’re not sad and lonely”.

A press release about the new album describes it as “echoing Harrison’s influences over the past few years as a composer”. When you consider who this guy’s influences are, those have got to be some amazing echoes.



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