60 songs under 60 seconds, because who has the time?

30. “Outerschmoodles” by DJ Vadim

Rapid, confused beats catalyze soothing keys.

29. “The Radio Still Sucks” by The Ataris

Justly angry nitroglycerin song about radio.

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28. “(Presence)” by Burn so Bright

Atmospheric, vast. Jigsaw of instrumental textures.

27. “Dahmer’s Dead” by The Violent Femmes

Thick guitar helps romance broomstick worship.

26. “I Like Food” by The Descendents

Absolutely lean in spite of itself.

25. “Joanie Don’t U Worry” by the Apples in Stereo

46 seconds helps mend your anxiety.

24. “Classico” by Tenacious D

“Bourée”/others but they say fuck.

23. “Punck” by The Suicide Machines

Drag me, it’s the genre encapsulated.

22. “The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving” by AJJ

Classic AJJ adds cynicism to joviality.

21. “The Eyebright Bugler” by Deerhoof

Descending from a forest canopy; warmth.

20. “Twenty-Eight” by Why?

Curious, hypnotic flow delivers endless metaphors.

19. “Tough Guy” by the Beastie Boys

Bombastic thesis on why you suck.

18. “Kaini Industries” by Boards of Canada

Wobbly chords, arpeggiated, persistent, rise and fall.

17. “Happy Holidays, You Bastard” by Blink-182

Teen angst greeting. Sans sleigh bells.

16. “Rabbot Ho” by Thundercat

Inside on a rainy day. Harpsichord?

15. “Supervillian Theme” by Madvillain

A strutting, bass heavy producer showcase.

14. “Intro” by Bassnectar

Chimes and sparse magic. Musical economy.

13. “Funk Ad” by Daft Punk

A cyberpunk swagger with juggernaut momentum.

12. “Thrash Jazz Assassin” by Naked City

Tremolo while a saxophone punches you.

11. “College” by Animal Collective

Vocal textures swirl around you, enthralling.

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