Song Of The Day: Mink DeVille – “Cadillac Walk” (1977)

I wanted to say a few words about Willy DeVille – lead man for Mink DeVille, one of the most criminally underappreciated American bands of the 20th Century – who passed away on this day in 2009 at age 58. Mink DeVille was right there in the middle of New York’s Punk scene of the mid-to-late Seventies, and they were one of the original house bands at the legendary CBGB’s. Willy DeVille shared a lot of Punk values, like a disdain for the ego and artifice of mainstream Rock, as well as a nasty taste for heroin. But instead of churning three chords and a cloud of dust, Mink DeVille brought very different roots elements into their “Punk”, including Latin rhythms and doo-wop. Like many other pioneers, Mink DeVille never fit into the prevailing music scene and eventually wallowed into obscurity. But their 1977 album Cabretta is on many lists of all-time great records, and it includes several great numbers like this one.


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