Jagger Steps Up And Takes a Stand In Two New Kick-Ass Singles

“Hey, think the time is right for palace revolution, ‘cause where I live the games they play are compromise solutions.” Mick Jagger wrote those words almost fifty years ago, a great line perfectly suited to the Stones’ iconoclastic, street-fightin’, stick-it-to-the-man persona. And it was about as close to being political as the Stones ever got.

Oh sure they had that line about “who killed the Kennedys” but that was more about their fascination with the Dark Lord than it was about politics. For the most part Jagger and the Stones steered clear of overt political commentary as they assailed cultural conventions, social mores and class distinctions in their lyrics, and we’re all glad they did.

Which is why it is of no small interest that Mick Jagger just released two solo singles that he says are inspired by today’s political realities, especially those in the U.K. The good news is that they are not polemic rants but rather a series of oblique but still hard-hitting swipes at Brexit, voter apathy, and sanctioned dishonesty. The better news is that both tracks really Rock a great groove, and both videos are really well done.

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“Gotta Get A Grip” takes a simple two-chord groove and squeezes a beautiful fresh jam out of it with notes of Rock, blues, reggae and rap. It would have sounded even better with Keef playing on it, but it still really cooks as Mick takes on media deception:

Everybody’s stuffing their pockets
Everybody’s on the take
The news is all fake
Let ’em eat chicken and let ’em eat steak
Let ’em eat shit, let ’em eat cake
You gotta get a grip

Mick’s point is that we can’t let all the madness get to us, and I’m with him on that. About the song he told Rolling Stone “The message I suppose is – despite all those things that are happening, you gotta get on with your own life, be yourself and attempt to create your own destiny.”

“England Lost” is a more direct attack on the “feelings of insecurity” brought on by Brexit and its supporters in the U.K:

I went to see England, but England’s lost
I went in the back, but they said, “Piss off”

More great guitar work on this one, some great harmonica by Mick, and the video is fantastic. It’s like a five-minute film noir of a very English man escaping some pursuers from the city to the countryside to the sea, you must watch it. All in all some pretty impressive stuff from Mr. Jagger, a man who just keeps rolling on and on and on, god bless him.



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