Morse Code Is An Acceptable Way To Announce An Album Right?

What has been talked about for a long time now seems to be coming to fruition. Released on, stoner doom legends have communicated to us via Morse Code.

What does it say your ask? Well, it says “INITIALIZE NEW TRANSMISSION 2017 CE SLEEP NEARING COMPLETION OF NEW ALBUM ENGINEERING ACCOMPLICE: NOAH LANDIS LOCATION: 37.8044 N, 122.2711 W RELEASE DATE: UNDETERMINED RECORD LABEL: UNDETERMINED.” The coordinates presented are believed to be that of a studio but the most exciting detail is that this would be Sleep’s first full length since the epic Jerusalem/Dopesmoker.

Sleep hasn’t been totally off the radar since the late 90’s. They released their first song “The Clarity” for the 2014 Adult Swim Singles series, and they have a song coming out for the 2017 Adult Swim Singles series too. You can here “The Clarity” below to invigorate your journey into the riff filled lands.

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