Song Of The Day: Cass Elliot – “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” (1968)

Cass Elliot sadly passed away on this day in 1974, and let’s get this straight once and for all. She did not choke on a ham sandwich as the popular myth goes, she died of a heart attack. The sandwich story can be chalked up to fat-shaming, something Cass had to endure for her entire career and, incidentally, one of the last prejudices yet to be removed from acceptable public discourse. But Cass Eliott was so much more than a trailblazer for body type acceptance. She had one of the greatest voices of the 20th Century, so incredibly versatile in her ability to deliver everything from the sweetest high notes to her powerful operatic bellow. These are the things that the memory of Cass Elliot should always bring to mind, god bless her.


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