Get Excited For Paul McCartney In The Beatles

Artwork By Thomas Fluharty

Good Mojo Press is very excited to announce its Indiegogo campaign for Paul McCartney In The Beatles, which has already begun. Tony Conley, music journalist and voice behind the long running Rock Guitar Daily, and publisher Good Mojo Press are pleased to announce their new release, Paul McCartney In The Beatles. The book takes a comprehensive look at the music and musicianship of Paul McCartney during his career with the Beatles.

Paul McCartney In The Beatles is set for release in November 2017.

In an interview Conley was asked, “Does the world need another book on Paul McCartney?” Tony’s answer, “That’s a question I’ve heard a few times, and I believe the answer is a very resounding yes!

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“As I’ve said, it’s the book I waited so long to read that I finally wrote it myself. I always wanted to read a book on McCartney and his time in the Beatles without the encumbrances of all the biographical details, I really wanted to read a book about the music and the musicianship without the tabloid details that we’ve all read before. So, I finally decided to write it myself. Ten years later, we have the book!”

Just as exciting as the book are the perks being provided by the Indiegogo campaign. Examples include Stephen Holland (official artist of the Grammys) painting a piece entitled McCartney In The Beatles; the original prototype of the Ben Fargen built and designed John Lennon Artist Series Amplifier; and other interesting sculptures and art pieces are just a small taste.

You can get more information on the campaign here. Also, I’ll be doing an interview with Conley himself. If you have anything you’re dying to know on the project, please send questions my way.


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