You Have The Money For This Piece Of Wax?

While it might not look like much from the photos, it’s what’s in the grooves that count. Popping up the other day, seller Big Ears Music has what they call the definitive ‘holy grail’ for White Stripes / Jack White / Third Man & record collectors. It seems that this record is a test press for released on XL Recordings. What was supposed to be The White Stripes ‘There’s No Home For You Here’ & ‘Ball & Biscuit'( live ) only had a few 10-inch clear pressings made and then it was canceled.

The ebay listing — which can be found here — goes on to say “This withdrawn UK test pressing stands firmly alongside the Quarrymen acetate, the Sex Pistols A&M single, Velvet Underground acetate as one of the most prized and sought after records from modern pop culture,” the seller says. The seller goes on to say that the condition is excellent however there is small pop on the B-side of the record.

It’s currently going for GBP 10,124.99 which translates in to $13,147.30 American. It’s believed that only 10 or less exist, two in private hands, some in the vault at XL Recording, and the rest in Jack’s private collection. A video has been posted to Youtube on what your missing, however I could easily see this release popping up in a Third Man Records Vault release. Wouldn’t you agree?

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