Watch The Who Kill “I Can See For Miles” On The Tonight Show

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend have really raised their game in recent years while performing as The Who. Perhaps it’s in recognition of the fact that this band has declared “farewell tour” at least three times in the past, once as far back as 35 years ago in 1982. When you see a band do that, the temptation is to believe that they are simply milking the sacred cow, going through the motions one more time in search of an easy payday.

But Roger and Pete are doing their best to dispel those beliefs by really giving it everything they’ve got on stage, and last Wednesday night we got to see it again in a performance on The Tonight Show. They performed two songs, “I Can See For Miles” and “You Better You Bet”, and they really killed with both numbers.

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Roger Daltrey has got to be one of the best-preserved 73-year-old men on the planet. I know a lot of men in their fifties who look like grandpas compared to this guy. He’s maybe a little wobbly on the low notes, but he can still deliver great growly shouts, god knows how after all the years of abuse he has given his vocal chords. And Pete has still got all his tricks going, the windmill chords still work to great effect and he can still bring an astonishing array of sounds and textures out of his guitar. The on-stage interplay between the two men can only come from decades of working together.

Roger plays acoustic guitar for “I Can See For Miles”, filling out the live sound of this classic. There are a lot of players now filling out the sound of a band that once performed as a trio plus vocalist. Two backing singers, a keyboardist and even a second guitarist fill out the lineup, but in their defence, John Entwistle’s bass usually served not just the bottom end but often as a second guitar in its own right. The brilliant bassist Pino Palladino is not with the band on this tour, but luckily the fantastic drumming of Zak Starkey is still there doing justice to the Who sound.

God bless ‘em all, if they can keep playing like this there are no reasons for them to say farewell again.



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