Fast Times At Gizzmont High: Edgar Wright, Mild High Jazz, and Invisible Faces

Edgar Wright, director of critically acclaimed rear-ending action blockbuster Baby Driver is a huge Gizzhead. After going down the list of some of his favorite Australian artists Tame Impala, Courtney Barnett, and Pond to name a few. He got to his genuine love, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

Image: Twitter / Edgar Wright

On his recent trip to Australia, Wright was actually able to crack cold ones with the Gizzard themselves. This could also confirm that a video directed by Wright is on the horizon.

Also, to keep up with the Gizzard release train, King Gizzard has already released 2 albums this year, Flying Microtonal Banana and the prog-thrash epic Murder of the Universe. Gizzard made a promise for 5 albums this year and it seems that album 3 is already done. Reportedly titled Sketches Of Brunswick East, the album is a collaboration with Mild High Club frontman Alexander Brettin and is more jazzy and free form. Front man Stu Stu Mackenzie told triple j, ““[Mild High Club] came over and played Gizzfest with us in December and [Alex] just stayed at my house for a few weeks. We were sending each other these really rough, vague ideas before that… usually just a chord progression or a melody – these interesting, chilled, jazzy, loose improvised pieces. Then we spent up until a month ago going back and forward, changing them, cutting things out… finished the record that way.” Also, keep your eyes open because the group says that the album can drop at any time with little fan fair.

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King Gizzard’s latest release is actually a music video reflecting on 2016’s Nonagon Infinity. “Invisible Face” can be seen below along with a pending track list of Sketches Of Brunswick East.

Unconfirmed track list of Sketches Of Brunswick East

1.Sketches Of Brunswick East I
5.Cities, Planes, Migraines
6.The Spider And Me
7.Sketches Of Brunswick East II
8.Dusk To Dawn On Lygon Street
9.The Book
10.A Journey To
11.Rolling Stoned
12.You Can Be Your Silhouette
13.Sketches Of Brunswick East III

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