Song of the Day: The Association – “Windy”

This track sat atop the Billboard Hot 100 for most of the month of July 50 years ago. The track hit No. 1 at the top of the month, knocking off “Groovin'” by The Young Rascals, then was unseated from the top spot on July 29 by The Doors’ “Light My Fire.” The song was written by singer/songwriter Ruthann Friedman, who told Songfacts, “I have heard so many different permutations of what the song was about. Here is the TRUTH. I was sitting on my bed – the apartment on the first floor of David Crosby’s house in Beverly Glenn – and there was a fellow who came to visit and was sitting there staring at me as if he was going to suck the life out of me. So I started to fantasize about what kind of a guy I would like to be with, and that was Windy – a guy (fantasy). The song took about 20 minutes to write.” The song found new life a few years back when it was featured in an episode of Breaking Bad, which used the song to accompany an intro clip detailing the exploits of a prostitute named Wendy.

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