Song of the Day: Live – “Operation Spirit (The Tyranny Of Tradition)”

Happy birthday wishes go out to frontman Ed Kowalczyk of Live, who turns 46 years old today. Kowalczyk reunited with Live a few months back, around eight years after his departure from the band, which eventually resulted in the other band members filing a lawsuit against him for damages and to prevent usage of the band’s name. That’s all in the past apparently, as the reunited lineup is on tour this summer and is planning on releasing a 25th anniversary edition of their debut album Mental Jewelry. This track was the biggest hit off the album as it went to No. 9 on the US Modern Rock chart. It’s not as famous as the hits that came two years later off the band’s Throwing Copper album, but those who listened to alternative rock radio or watched MTV back in the early 90s will remember this song.

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