Song of the Day: Pet Shop Boys – “It’s A Sin/West End Girls” (Live at Glastonbury 2010)

Happy birthday to Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys, who turns 63 years old today. Pet Shop Boys is a band I really enjoy watching live video of; I’ve never actually seen one of their shows in person, but I would be happy to even though I admittedly am not hugely familiar with their entire body of work. The performances I’ve watched on YouTube range from wild and fun to straight up intense to flat-out bizarre, and this clip from Glastonbury in 2010 is a mix of all of it. They rock the stage with “It’s A Sin,” as they often do, then for “West End Girls” out come the dancers with boxes on their heads. I’m not always sure what’s going on here, but I remember having fun watching it the first time I saw it.

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