Song of the Day: Smashing Pumpkins – “1979”

This song was recently selected by Consequence of Sound as the best No. 1 alternative hit of all-time. Do you agree? Phillip Cosores of CoS wrote, “‘1979’ would wind up being their only number one song, and it’s fitting that it is also their best. Yes, there is sonic inventiveness with the fluttering guitar riff (frontman Billy Corgan would say at the time that ‘1979’ was a roadmap to where the band was headed musically), but the song’s heart is Corgan’s melody and words. It’s nostalgic without pandering or being obvious, evoking the “cool kids” and the “freaks and ghouls” that come with being a teenager. As a result, it’s not just a song about being young, but it’s a song that can make you feel young again, complete with all the beauty and excitement we attach to youth. And that might be what alt radio is all about.” “1979” beat out “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Seven Nation Army,” and a slew of others — click here to take a look.

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