5 Reasons Clutch Should be your July Theme Music

All-American, all-weird, and all-balls band Clutch is your rockin’ trucker blues soundtrack for Summer. Here are your 5 reasons why you should listen to them this July:

  1. They aren’t really appropriate for any other time of the year. They’re fast, they’re fun, and dogged in their relentless energy. To me, they could easily sound like a road-trip down a hot, dusty desert road. Check out “Electric Worry” (my fave track of theirs):
  2. If you like them, you can see them on their current tour. They’ve been opening up for Tool and Primus for the last month and apparently killing it.
  3. They’re just normal guys who play the crap outta their music. With a notable lack of pretension, Clutch seem like the kind of guys you’d want to share an ice cold beer with.  Though technically categorized as ‘stoner metal’, one listen to “X-Ray Vision” will clue you in to their creativity and all-around stamina.

    4. If you don’t always want to listen to their high-energy offerings, Clutch has a whole catalog including some slower-tempo tracks. Don’t worry, though – these songs still have a sense of cool ‘immediacy’. Check out  “The Soapmaker”

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    5. They’re just fuckin’ cool. Clutch has a unique sound all to themselves, and a vision which has propelled them through over 11 albums and counting. Neil Fallon, lead singer/guitarist/keys player, has a voice that sounds like that hot ex-boyfriend you shouldn’t go back to, but somehow you just can help yourself. It’s gravely and slightly unhinged, spewing intelligent and weird lyrics.

All in all, Clutch is a great band that makes you wanna sweat your ass off. So, crack a window on a hot July night and check out Clutch on your way into trouble.

Got another hot-weather band you’d like to share? Leave me feedback! XO TEM


Thanks to YouTube and Metal Wani for the featured image.


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