Song Of The Day: Tim Buckley – “Song To The Siren” (1970)

Tim Buckley performed his last concert on this day in 1975 in Dallas, Texas. The following day he was tragically found dead of a heroin and morphine overdose at age 28. This beautiful track was maybe his most famous song, and it was recorded by several other artists including Robert Plant, John Frusciante, and Bryan Ferry. Buckley recorded his first album in 1966 as a solo folk singer, but over the remaining years of his life his music ventured into avant-garde Rock, Jazz-Rock and Funk-Rock territories where he gathered a devoted cult following but little commercial success. His recordings were all remarkable for Buckley’s amazing vocals, ranging from startling shrieks to a deep, soulful baritone. Perhaps Buckley’s greatest legacy was passing his vocal qualities, along with his musical adventurousness, onto his estranged son Jeff Buckley, who sadly had a doomed shooting-star career of his own in the 1990s.


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