“Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” singer Gary DeCarlo dies at age 75

Gary DeCarlo, the lead vocalist for the band Steam who sang on the 1969 hit “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye,” has passed away at age 75.

The news was announced on Facebook by DeCarlo’s friend Pat Horgan. DeCarlo had been battling lung cancer.

The song, which sat atop the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks and went on to sell over six million copies, was originally written by Paul Leka, Gary DeCarlo and Dale Frashuer when the three were studio musicians. The trio later came up with the name Steam to attach to the song.

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“I was supposed to be the singer and road act for ‘Na Na’ as it was my B-side,” DeCarlo told Songfacts. “When Paul and the company got together they decided to split the record, meaning there would be two out. Paul said I would be able to do both as Garrett Scott, which I was later told I had no group. Paul said he would get me a group from a booking agency in New York, which never happened. ‘Na Na’ was never done with a group in mind, it was the B-side of my single. The name Steam wasn’t invented until the album was being done.”


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  1. Great vocal performance on the song, my condolences to his people, and I don’t want to disrespect in any way, but do you suppose they will play it at his funeral?

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