Oh Sees Announce ‘Orc” With Pure Psychedelic Adrenaline

Once known as Thee Oh Sees, Oh Sees now arises from the ashes — that’s way to dramatic for a simple name change. Along with the name change, Oh Sees have announced the follow up to the double dose that was A Weird Exits and An Odd Entrances.

Orc will be released August 25th via Castle Face Records. “The Static God”-the lead single-is a fun psychedelic chug with perfects hints of mania. You can listen to it below as well as see the full track listing for Orc.

Orc Tracklist:

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01 “The Static God”
02 “Nite Expo”
03 “Animated Violence”
04 “Keys To The Castle”
05 “Jettisoned”
06 “Cadaver Dog”
07 “Paranoise”
08 “Cooling Tower”
09 “Drowned Beast”
10 “Raw Optics”

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