Song of the Day: Jeff Beck – “Beck’s Bolero”

Happy birthday wishes to Jeff Beck, who turns 73 years old today. Recorded in 1966 and influenced by Maurice Ravel’s Boléro, This famous and influential instrumental is one of Beck’s most well-known works, although there’s been some disagreement over how much of the song should be credited to Beck and how much should be to Jimmy Page. Both of them were part of an all-star lineup on this song that also featured John Paul Jones, Keith Moon, and Nicky Hopkins; per Songfacts, the five of them might have gone on to make a supergroup, but contractual issues limited them to this one song, plus they couldn’t find the right singer after not being able to get Steve Marriott to come over from The Small Faces. This song is said to have influenced Duane Allman to learn how to play slide guitar.

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