Watch YouTube Phenom’s Outstanding Take On “Eleanor Rigby”

Man, if I could have played guitar like this when I was 16, I surely wouldn’t be sitting here writing these words right now. I’d be sipping mojitos at my Malibu beach house and checking the mutual funds while enjoying a pedicure. Not that extraordinary musical talent always leads to riches, but it sure as hell helps.

This kid Josh Turner has got the goods. He records this stuff in his bedroom and looks for crowdfunding support. That’s not going to make him wealthy either, but if he can take these talents to just the right musical collaborators at just the right time, he’s got a shot.

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What amazes me about this rendition of “Eleanor Rigby” is the way he can faithfully reproduce the sound of the double string quartet on one fretboard, so crisp and clean. Even more astounding is that he does it differently each verse, just like the quartets do on the original. When he hits the harmonic notes in the final verse I feel like standing up and applauding in front of my computer. Really outstanding stuff.

He needs to work on his vocals, they’re a little thin, or maybe he doesn’t need to sing at all. This take would work just about as well without any vocals at all. Luckily for Josh, he’s got a lot of time in front of him to figure all those things out. If he sticks with it I’ll be looking forward to seeing where a talent like his ultimately ends up.


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