A look at which rock stars made the Forbes list of highest-paid entertainers

Rock stars are still raking in the big bucks these days, based on the latest version of the Forbes list of top 100 highest-paid entertainers.

The list was released earlier this week and features numerous musicians from multiple genres. Some of the highest-ranked rock acts on the list are Coldplay, who rank eighth, Guns N’ Roses, who rank 11th, and Bruce Springsteen, who ranks 17th.

Here’s a look at which musicians made the list:

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1. Diddy ($130 million)
2. Beyonce ($105 million)
4. Drake ($94 million)
6. The Weeknd ($92 million)
8. Coldplay ($88 million)
11. Guns N’ Roses ($84 million)
13. Justin Bieber ($83.5 million)
17. Bruce Springsteen ($75 million)
18. Adele ($69 million)
21. Metallica ($66.5 million)
26. Garth Brooks ($60 million)
26. Elton John ($60 million)
32. Paul McCartney ($54 million)
32. Red Hot Chili Peppers ($54 million)
35. Jimmy Buffett ($50.5 million)
40. Calvin Harris ($48.5 million)
49. Taylor Swift ($44 million)
53. Kenny Chesney ($42.5 million)
55. Luke Bryan ($42 million)
55. Celine Dion ($42 million)
55. Jay-Z ($42 million)
60. Bruno Mars ($39 million)
60. Tiesto ($39 million)
65. The Chainsmokers ($38 million)
65. Jennifer Lopez ($38 million)
71. Dolly Parton ($37 million)
71. Ed Sheeran ($37 million)
77. Rihanna ($36 million)
80. Bon Jovi ($35.5 million)
82. Billy Joel ($35 million)
83. Dr. Dre ($34.5 million)
83. Florida Georgia Line ($34.5 million)
83. Toby Keith ($34.5 million)
89. Britney Spears ($34 million)
95. Chance The Rapper ($33 million)
95. Katy Perry ($33 million)
98. Jason Aldean ($32.5 million)

For many of these stars, live shows was what raked in the big bucks over the past year, as it often is. It’s also another example of how much of a cash cow the Guns N’ Roses reunion tour has been, and how much it will continue to be as they stretch the tour out into later this year. Diddy was one exception to the touring rule — he made his money over the past year in large part from selling a large part of his Sean John clothing line and through his partnership with Diageo’s Ciroc vodka.

Check out the full list of top 100 highest-paid celebrities here.

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  1. what. the crap. has Diddy done. in the last. 10. years.

    I’m not playing around here. I’m shook. He’s still relevant? How did he top that list? Google here I come.

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