Song Of The Day: The Psychedelic Furs – “The Ghost In You” (1984)

Happy 61st birthday to Richard Butler, lead singer of The Psychedelic Furs, one of the most criminally under-rated bands of the 1980s. They are probably best known for their songs “Pretty In Pink” and “Heaven”, both pretty strong numbers, but their catalogue is scattered with other gems like this one, and if you don’t know it you should. A brilliant melody, lyric and chord pattern, it is simply one of the best songs of the decade and has been covered several times, most recently by Robyn Hitchcock a couple of years ago. Interestingly, the song didn’t chart very high in the U.S. or even in their native U.K, but it was a huge hit in Canada, more evidence that Canadians are the hippest people on the planet, even though very few would admit it.


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