Song of the Day: Jeff Buckley – “Grace (Live)”

We listen to this song today in remembrance of Jeff Buckley’s passing 20 years ago (Buckley’s body was found on this day in 1997). The son of Tim Buckley who started out in folk but also expanded to other genres, Jeff Buckley is someone who has influenced artists such as Thom Yorke, Chris Martin, Matthew Bellamy, and Fran Healy to name a few — and for good reason too. Buckley’s 1994 debut album Grace is a vocal and instrumental tour-de-force. While I could have chosen the studio version of the album’s title track, I chose this version of “Grace” off Mystery White Boy because even more than the studio version, this one speaks to me. It’s a real highlight of the incredible talent that Jeff Buckley was. He is very much missed.

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