Weekly Obsessions: 5/28/2017

Happy almost-June, Loyal Rocknuts Readers! I don’t know any of you (or even, really, know that you exist), but surely you all enjoy the summertime. In Chicago, that means it rains every second that isn’t 95 degrees, but a few days here and there have been pretty mild. Weather like this makes me want to sit outside with the sun in my face and blast something sunny. Luckily, Slowdive’s self-titled latest (after a lengthy hiatus) proves to be an excellent pairing for these fleeting days of nice weather. Slowdive expertly combines a dreamy, ethereal quality with catchy pop melodies, creating a collection of low-key, but not snooze-inducing songs. The group even “rocks” a little bit in “Star Roving.” I hope the group doesn’t wait 22 more years for their next release.

I’m late to the party, but Jay Reatard’s 2006 album Blood Visions is a modern punk masterpiece. Let me clarify that. The album sounds absolutely nothing like modern punk (which is a thoroughly good thing). It was released in 2006, but the sound is all 1977-78 first-wave punk. Think BuzzcocksHeartbreakers, etc. Though Reatard is sadly no longer with us, he has a fairly deep back catalog that I’m very excited to explore.

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Check out “My Shadow.”

Here’s wishing Atlanta Braves star Freddie Freeman a speedy recovery. He fractured his wrist, and I desperately need his overall awesomeness to win Fantasy Baseball this year.

Photo (Jay Reatard) by bill shouldis via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Jay is awesome Jordan. I was able to pick up the special RSD press of Blood Visions. May he rest in peace.

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