Silly Metal Genre of the Day: Dwarven Metal

Making it’s rounds on the Facebook circuit this week was the band Wind Rose under the title, ” HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF DWARVEN METAL?”

Well, here ya go:

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It’s silly! And that’s fine! It’s just that I get a little worn out, like a mother who begins to tune out her attention-hungry children, when these new ‘genres’ emerge.

“What, honey? Nice job sweetheart… Oh very very metal baby. Nice pauldrons dear now go show your friends.”

When it comes to metal genres like this, it’s not that I’m now down to hear something new and interesting. But, c’mon metal friendoes – do you really need another gimmick? Does it need to be done just because it hasn’t been done before?

A quick listen of this music reminds me of Finntroll with a touch of Ensiferum. It doesn’t strike me as unique, other than the branding of ‘dwarf’ I suppose. I guess time will tell to see if this is another metal vein that takes off. I mean, to be fair, it has a lot of potential. Dwarves are interesting fantasty creatures with lots of different lores to pull mythology from. Most famously, Gimli of Lord of the Rings fronting a metal band makes a lot of sense to me.

Gimli… and his axe.

Here’s another example:

I mean, I wouldn’t say NO to seeing them in concert. It would surely be fun. I would like to see these bands embody one of my life’s mottoes: Go big, or go HOME. If you’re gonna be dwarf… I want to see axes and armor, caves and forges, beards and gold, ores and ale and stout figures being real big assess.

What do you think? You wanna party life a dwarf and ROCK? … I’m sorry, I’ll show myself out.

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