Song Of The Day: Jesse Winchester – “Isn’t That So” (1972)

Happy Birthday to the late great Jesse Winchester, who was born this week in 1944. The smoky-smooth singer-songwriter might have had bigger success in the Seventies, back when everybody loved singer-songwriters, but his career was more or less a casualty of the Vietnam War. When the Memphis native received his U.S. Army draft notice in 1966, he moved to Montreal to avoid military service, and he became a Canadian citizen in 1973. But because he was unable to enter the U.S. until President Carter granted amnesty in 1977, Winchester wasn’t able to tour the U.S. and build an audience for his music when he was at his creative peak. He had more impact as a songwriter for others, and his website impressively lists the dozens of covers of his songs by other artists. This song was always one of my favorites, a great melody and a typical Jesse Winchester lyric, witty and smart but still cutting right to the heart of the matter.

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