Nu-metal is not dead… and not bad

Invidia, the new supergroup featuring members from Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment and Skinlab, released its debut album, As The Sun Sleeps, this year. According to Logan Mader, producer and co-writer of the album, Invidia’s style can be described as “hard rock/metal with big balls”.

Indeed, “big balls” may actually be the right expression as they step neck-deep into nu-metal without fear. Nu-metal has been in the lowest tier of metal since Limp Bizkit came around and even Slipknot (hearts) are gradually distancing themselves from it. Intelligently, Invidia gambles their success in powerful choruses, big hooks, and the feral screaming from Travis Johnson (In This Moment’s bassist) who, after a long time away from the mic, seems to be eager to prove he’s more than ‘just’ a great bassist, and able to lead a band that carries an enormous pressure on their shoulders. The truth is the record has a dark and eerie vibe that reminds me of the golden era of Static-X and Fear Factory but in today’s music scene that is not enough to overcome the uninspired lyrics. Had it been released ten years ago and we would be looking at it from a different angle.

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The record has a dark and eerie vibe that reminds me of the golden era of Static-X and Fear Factory

In the end, As The Sun Sleeps is an approachable and consistent record that carries the heavy groove from their parallel groups without ever losing its own identity. Personally, I would have loved for them to have worked out their lyrics into the same level as their play game. Still, with no information on whether this group is just a spur-of-the-moment or a long-term project, I sincerely hope they have come to stay. I feel they have much more up their sleeve than what they have revealed in As The Sun Sleeps. 3.5 out of 5 stars. MRR

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  1. So, I really want to give nu metal a chance. I do! The word ‘metal’ is right in there, and usually that gets me all giddy. But, In This Moment and Five Finger Death Punch are two bands I have never got behind, even after seeing them both in concert. So I checked out Invidia’s song “Feed the Fire” with the most open mind possible after reading this article in hopes that the best parts of each band pulled themselves out from behind their prominent lead singers to form something new and unique. Side note: I’m not one of those metal heads who feels that her ‘metal-card’ will be revoked if I admit to liking something with radio appeal. So, that isn’t what is motivating me to say this, but – I just cannot get behind this band. I will admit that I liked this more than some other bands I have heard in the same genre, but the quality of the bass, the vocal style, and over all writing is to me feels uninspired and predictable. I think not bad is the best thing I could say about it. However, if someone loves this band or digs their sound – cool for them, I’m not about hating on someone else’s preferences. But, for once I’d like to hear a nu metal band ease off the chuggy bass and write something that surprised me lyrically.

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