We’re Rocking Out At The Opera?

Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum brings Sasquatch, The Opera to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August, running Aug. 4 to 27 at Summerhall. The international debut of the experimental opera will be the first full-length performance of the offering with a cast backed by a live band.

Bottum, internationally known as a founding member of Faith No More, is also an accomplished film and TV composer and Sasquatch sees him take his skill for scoring to the stage. A dark and tragic love tale based on the fable of Sasquatch, the elusive man-beast who stalks the forest, the story revolves around a backwoods family who make a living selling the story of Sasquatch to willing tourists and what happens when they come across the real monster.

As described by the press release, Sasquatch, while holding true to the dark fairy tale premise, is a drug-fueled, surreal and provocative outing. Bottum wants Sasquatch– the misunderstood monster –to be a reflection of his own experiences as the first openly gay man in the heavier side of rock n roll- no disrespect to Freddie Mercury of course. Bottum said, ““The impetus for my opera is a theme I’m particularly fond of – that of the misunderstood monster. I reference the Elephant Man, Frankenstein, King Kong and a 100lb four-year-old I once saw on Jerry Springer as characters of inspiration.”

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These are the only dates announced so far. You can find out more here.

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