Song Of The Day: The Who – “However Much I Booze” (1975)

Happy Birthday to Pete Townshend, one of the greatest Rockers of all time, who turns 72 today. More than 50 years ago, as a nerdy art school graduate, he totalled his guitar and his amp onstage for the first time, thereby announcing to the world that Rock music was on the verge of smashing more than a few old conventions. His brilliance as a songwriter, producer/arranger, guitarist, and live performer forms a combined skillset that I don’t think any other Rocker can match, not to mention his several ambitious attempts to combine Rock and story narrative. This track is from his most personal and autobiographical album, Who By Numbers, maybe The Who’s most underrated album and the one featuring Keith Moon’s last recorded work. Roger Daltrey told Townshend he could not sing the lyrics to this particular song, but Pete has always been a damn good singer himself, and his vocal gives these confessional words a bracing authenticity.


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