Chris Cornell Dies at 52


Edited 6:52 PM PSTMay 18th, 2017. It has been reported that his untimely death was caused by suicide. As someone who has lost a dear friend to suicide, I wanted to post this for anyone who feels that they are in crisis:

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Call 1-800-273-8255
Please reach out, you are loved, you are helpable, you aren’t alone.
And for those who are wondering how to help, remember that signs of mental illness are not always obvious. Treat each other well, love first, try a little peace, love, and understanding. While everyone in in charge of their own metal health, love and kindness doesn’t hurt. Don’t write off ‘dysfunction’ and ‘drama’ with everyone so easily. Lead with love my friends so we can have long and full lives.
Original post:

Former lead singer of Soundgarden, Cornell was found dead in Detroit on Wednesday night. The circumstances surrounding his death are still not yet released and the family has asked for privacy.

I think the media does terrible and intrusive things to people for likes and clicks and what not – so I’d like to point out that the point of me writing about his death is a form of catharsis. I really hope the family gets the privacy they obviously deserve and I for one won’t add to the speculation or sensationalize.

I’m shocked and legitimately crestfallen. He was an incredible singer, with emotion and soul and great talent. In many ways I think his best was still yet to come.

Thanks to and the AP for the information on his death. Thanks to for the image.

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